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Do you really need the black box when you can gain priority access to high-potential leads with ABM? If you’re looking to ramp up the sales process and nurture your customers without breaking your budget, then targeted marketing is your best bet.

Why should you think of ABM in 2023?

Before we delve into the intricacies of ABM and its primary functions, here’s some food for thought on successful targeted marketing.

User Scenario 1

LiveRamp, a reputable identity resolution provider, has demonstrated the effectiveness of hyper-targeted ABM over broad marketing campaigns that aim to sell to a wide audience. By utilizing multilevel and multichannel approaches, LiveRamp has helped numerous Fortune 500 companies to enhance their marketing efforts. Their primary tactic involves hyper-focusing on the target audience. In one instance, they created a list of only 15 high-value clients and achieved a remarkable 33% conversion rate in just four weeks. Over the course of two years, they increased their customer lifetime value (LTV) by 25 times.

User Scenario 2

GumGum, an applied computer vision company, successfully won over business deals with T-Mobile through an ABM campaign. After discovering that the CEO of T-Mobile was a big Batman fan, GumGum created and printed 100 copies of a comic book called T-man and Gums. The comic was distributed to people across T-Mobile agencies, demonstrating GumGum’s understanding of their target audience and their willingness to create content around their interests.

This approach allowed GumGum to identify the interests of their clients and create a personalized story that built a stronger connection with them. There are various ways to develop targeted interactions with brands using unique information about them, and GumGum’s successful campaign with T-Mobile is a prime example of the effectiveness of such an approach.

Drawing from the use cases mentioned above, here are some key aspects of ABM to consider when you’re one-to-many marketing.

One-size-(does not)-fit-all

Adopt personalized messaging for specific individuals instead of mass messaging. For specific accounts, create valuable content with effort and time.

Less is more 

Funnel out low-yield leads and reach out to niche, high-value prospects for massive gains.  

Convert at scale 

Grow accounts with a measurable B2B strategy and precise targeting. 

Preserve resources 

Use your marketing budget efficiently to service purchase-inclined accounts/prospects. 

Fast-track the sales process 

Offer specialized services to conversion-friendly prospects and trim sales cycles.  

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Our ABM Offerings

Personalized Content


With our content hats on, we deliver highly targeted and personalized messages to nurture relationships with key account decision-makers.

Fine-tuned newsletters

We tailor your content to the needs and interests of specific accounts, making your newsletter more applicable and engaging.

Relevant reporting

We devise account-specific reporting strategies and customize the content, formatting, and visualizations of the reports to align with target account goals.

Targeted blogs

We brainstorm client-centric content strategies and curate blog content best-suited to the requirements and concerns of key accounts.