How Koda Drove 3X Growth for a SaaS Startup in Just 3 Months

Koda partnered with a SaaS platform to help drive rapid user acquisition and growth during their critical beta launch phase targeting the US market. The SaaS startup had immense competition in the field with established players in the market and the objective was to create a niche market for the client in a short span of time.



As a novel SaaS startup, they faced several go-to-market challenges including:

  • Low brand awareness in a crowded market
  • Needed strong value proposition to attract users
  • Required better content to engage visitors
  • Lacked experience with conversion optimization
  • Wanted to establish thought leadership
  • Had limited organic reach and backlinks

With the product ready, their main goal was to rapidly acquire and activate users to gain initial market traction.

Koda’s Multi-Channel Approach

Koda implemented an integrated strategy spanning across multiple channels to attract users and drive growth for the SaaS startup:

Email Marketing 
  • Analyzed buyer persona, and slicing and dicing of data for campaign planning
  • Created targeted email campaigns personalized for the startup’s buyer personas
  • Quick optimization as one learnt from each email to push for higher engagement 
  • Optimized calls-to-action, subject lines for higher conversions
Social Media Marketing 
  • Ran social media promotions aligned with buyer interests, especially on LinkedIn
  • Leveraged video and visual content for higher engagement
  • Drove relevant traffic to the site and offers
Community Outreach 
  • Identified key SaaS forums and communities
  • Created an effective listening mechanism to join relevant conversations
  • A robust content strategy to participate in conversations that are relevant and at the opportune time
SEO Growth 
  • Audited and optimized website pages for higher rankings
  • Improved page speed, mobile-friendliness
  • Grew backlinks through guest posting opportunities
Content Marketing
  • Created relevant guides, articles, and resources for the target personas
  • Focused on topics that resonate most with the ideal customers
  • Optimized content for organic search and conversions

This multi-channel approach aimed to attract the startup’s ideal customers, showcase the value proposition, drive traffic and conversions, and build organic growth and referrals.


Within just 3 months, Koda’s SaaS growth engine helped the startup achieve:

  • 200% increase in website traffic 
  • 300% growth in user signups across email, social, and SEO
  • 100% increase in paid conversions and sales
  • 75% boost in organic search visibility and backlinks

The campaigns generated high engagement and conversions across email, social, community, and SEO channels, unleashing rapid growth for the SaaS startup during their beta launch.

Key Takeaway

With Koda’s expertise spanning content, digital marketing, and growth channels, the SaaS startup was able to gain strong traction despite being a young company. Koda’s integrated approach combining email, social, community, SEO, and content drove accelerated results across all key objectives – traffic growth, user acquisition, conversions, and organic reach. The multi-channel strategy unlocked rapid growth by leveraging their synergies during the critical beta launch phase