We engaged Koda to be an extended arm of our marketing team. Tuhina and her team have done an excellent job helping us with coming up with a go-to-market plan and strategy and executing it. Koda helped us rebrand the company with collaterals, blogs, website.

After we started working with Koda, we were able to generate content in a much more efficient and scalable & timely fashion. The Koda team of writers were able to grasp and understand our unique needs. The content required fair comprehension of programming languages, VoIP space, and trending topics like AI/ML, and DevOps. The team’s effort in research and writing authentic content shows in the assets produced.

Priyanka Tiwari

Sr. Marketing Manager

PRIYANKA TIWARI Marketing Manager

After we started working with Koda, we were able to generate content in a much more efficient and scalable & timely fashion. The Koda team of writers were able to grasp and understand our unique needs. The content required fair comprehension of programming languages, VoIP space, and trending topics like AI/ML, and DevOps. The team’s effort in research and writing authentic content shows in the assets produced.


Koda has been a key partner in helping us create meaningful and engaging content for our customers. I have been consistently impressed with the quality of work and professionalism displayed by Koda over the past 2 years of our partnership. Tuhina and her team have helped us develop engaging and informative blog content that has contributed to our brand journey.

HIMANSHU OJHA Vice President

Koda team led by Tuhina are amazing to work with. They are professional & deliver content on-time. They had some good ideas while executing our project and Their attention to detail and ability to adapt to changing project requirements sets them apart from other teams.

WordPress Web Design Services

WordPress Website Development Services in Bangalore

Koda provides full-scale WordPress Development Services to help ambitious B2B tech and SaaS companies build high-performance, results-driven websites. Our integrated web design and development services range from tailored WordPress implementations, customizations, migrations, and integrations all the way through to responsive themes, SEO optimizations, security hardening, caching and speed enhancements, conversions, analytics, and beyond. With award-winning WordPress experts dedicated to your online business success, Koda ensures your WordPress site becomes an invaluable marketing and revenue channel over the long term.

WordPress Development Services Bangalore

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WordPress Development Services

WordPress Development Services

Koda Integrated Marketing Services Is a 2023 Award-Winning Company for Its WordPress Services

WordPress Website Design and Development

Koda offers full-scale WordPress website development services encompassing custom WordPress theme creation and WordPress web developers focused on responsive mobile experiences, intuitive navigation menus, and simplified user flows to accomplish key tasks.

Plugin Installation and Configuration

The WordPress site development team handles plugin customizations to extend WordPress functionality for security protections, SEO optimizations, performance enhancements, and any other critical integrations tailored to how clients use their websites.

E-commerce Solutions

Utilizing WooCommerce, Koda creates and manages complete ecommerce solutions from product catalogs to payment processing, enabling clients to sell online seamlessly thanks to WordPress design and development capabilities.

WordPress Theme Customization

The Custom WordPress developers modify existing WordPress themes to precisely match branding guidelines – incorporating visual identity, messaging nuances, tailored layouts and style.

Content Management

Koda produces SEO-optimized content then populates and structures it within client sites for an engaging user experience. The WordPress website development services also include ongoing blog and website content updates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

On-page optimizations, sitemaps for indexing, and SEO-friendly URLs are just some of the WordPress site development best practices implemented to improve search rankings.

Website Maintenance and Support

Custom WordPress developers offer ongoing support and maintenance ranging from updates to backups and restores to ensure client WordPress sites maintain optimal security, maximum uptime and full business continuity for the long run.

Security Enhancements

WordPress web developers install SSL certificates for secure data transmission and provide additional hardening against vulnerabilities to protect information integrity.

Performance Optimization

Site speed and performance improvements stem from caching techniques, image optimizations, database optimizations, and other customized WordPress website development services enhancements.

Training and Consultation

WordPress experts provide training to clients and site administrators to transfer WordPress knowledge plus share best practices through ongoing consulting on site updates, content creation, SEO optimization, and more.

Migration Services

Seamless WordPress site migrations across hosts and software upgrades experience no downtime, ensuring business continuity.

Custom Development

The WordPress design and development team builds specialized solutions to deliver extra functionalities including unique features, custom post types, and third-party API integrations.

Social Media Integration

Social sharing buttons and displayed feeds enable simple content amplification via profiles and vibrant communities.

Analytics and Reporting

Google Analytics integration provides actionable traffic and performance data regularly analyzed to guide decisions and strategy.

Responsive Design and Cross-Browser Compatibility

Cross-browser testing ensures consistent responsive experiences so client sites work perfectly on any device their audience may use.


As an advanced WordPress design and development agency, we build all types of sites on WordPress including business sites, ecommerce stores, directories, job boards, magazines, and more. Our team has extensive expertise with WooCommerce for building enterprise-level ecommerce on WordPress.

Some of our standard security enhancements include two-factor authentication, limiting login attempts, hiding error messages, preventing file edits, suggesting strong passwords, and leveraging other hardening techniques. We stay on top of vulnerabilities to keep sites safe.

Our team has performed dozens of seamless site migrations to WordPress using best practices around testing, data migration, DNS pre-configuration and more to minimize any downtime during a transition from another platform.

Common plugins include forms, chatbots, marketing automation, analytics, calendars, and presentation integration. We customize the plugin stack based on each client’s business needs. API integrations are also available.

A tailored WordPress site aligns closely with your brand identity through logo, fonts, colors, imagery, messaging, and more to uniquely position you in the market. We focus on differentiation in design/UX. Added functionality also distinguishes the experience.

Yes, we provide comprehensive WordPress support and maintenance plans including updates, backups, scaling, issue resolution, uptime monitoring, and continuous improvements to evolve alongside your changing business needs.

Our content team helps create, structure and optimize content while training your team on WordPress best practices for content publishing. We can also provide managed blogging services, producing regular articles aligned to topics that engage your audience.

We implement metadata, alt text, optimized URLs/permalinks, quality content focused on target keywords, sitemaps, and finely tuned SEO plugins. Technical site enhancements also boost organic visibility and traffic.

As an open platform, WordPress provides far more flexibility and customization potential compared to restrictive proprietary site builders. Your site can grow and evolve with endless options.

We leverage optimized cloud hosting on platforms like WPEngine and Kinsta which offer high performance, security protections, and auto-scaling capabilities perfect for enterprise WordPress implementations.