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KODA Delights Users with its Impressive Content and Enhanced Readability


A piece of a pamphlet or a funny YouTube video, a programmed advertisement on TV, or a super informative blog post – here, the most substantial element is ‘The CONTENT’. The eras have changed, and the methods improved, but the motive behind approaching the audience is the same as ever.  

Digital content is striking and captivating as it comes wrapped around technology and some content marketing resources like social media posts, videos, newsletters, and podcasts make you a big-time fan of a particular brand or a company. KODA Integrated Marketing Services creates all pieces of mar-tech content that provide valuable and relevant information to decision makers and thought leaders and attract them towards a brand effectively using digital content marketing techniques. 

KODA – Initiation and Integration

Established in May 2019, Indian and a Bangalore-based Content Marketing and Digital Advertising company – KODA, entirely focuses on developing relevant solutions for B2B Tech and SaaS companies. The company works with the leading tech players in the market, ranging from Fortune 500 companies, and business giants, to Startups and companies ready to launch their IPOs.

KODA is an award-winning agency that aims to provide informative, relevant, and engaging content to its customers that accelerate their business growth. The content is well-tailored to the needs of all businesses. The goal remains driving appropriate conversations, turning leads into conversions, and building brands.

KODA Service Excellence to Benefit Client Businesses

Compelling B2B and SaaS content created by experienced market strategists and content developers at KODA accelerate call-to-actions. It led the company to account for more than 60 happy customers to whom 100+ content assets are delivered every month. In-depth content research and effective distribution to global audiences ensure that businesses generate maximum ROI.

Trusted Content Marketing Services at KODA are as follows:
  1. PINT: It covers drafting mailers & newsletters, press releases, collateral designing, digital marketing, SMM/SEO, and copywriting.
  2. PITCHER: It involves creating blogs, e-books, marketing brochures, media articles, POV/solution briefs, and thought leadership.
  3. TOWER: It comprises creating  content for research reports, whitepapers, playbooks, case studies, videos, and websites.

Why is KODA Integrated Marketing Services Recognized by GoodFirms?

KODA employs industry-savvy content creators to create superior messaging and content strategies for B2B tech and SaaS companies. They are mature enough to understand various industry requirements relevant to business services, information technology, retail, automotive, consumer products, e-commerce, education, enterprise, healthcare & medical, manufacturing, transportation & logistics sectors. The dedicated team works in the highly technical sphere and has expertise in capturing mass media.

At KODA, every piece of content goes through an in-depth research process and is perfectly analyzed and crafted considering client specifications. Result-driven communication and SEO for lead generation enhances the growth acceleration possibility in a business.

Unique, transparent, relevant, authentic, and accurate content dispatched by the experienced writers and editors in the company has – proved why KODA is ranked today as the top content writing company in Bangalore by GoodFirms.

Check what its clients say in the testimonials displayed below.

GoodFirms Research Methodology

GoodFirms researches the authenticity of the client reviews received on account of a company and acknowledges if it positively affects its image. Positive thoughts and user ratings at the GoodFirms portal help impart legitimate listings to companies and businesses and provide a platform to grow further.


With the increasing popularity and rising craze of the company in the digital context, KODA is significantly achieving its goals by providing exciting and intellectual content for its broad customer base. The company always finds a better way of doing things through its ‘new age lens and pens’. To provide customized solutions that deliver results, KODA is always there to help.

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