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5 Best Content Marketing Strategies to Adopt for Your SaaS Company

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Marketing is the engine that drives your SaaS business into the next phase of expansion. It’s the most important thread that ties all the functions of your business together and leads it to success. 

The domain of content marketing, especially in a field as significant as SaaS, is full of strategies, jargon, and acronyms and no two specialists can come up with “best practices” of content marketing. That leaves us with the question: “What are the best content marketing strategies for your SaaS company?

Content is king in today’s marketing domain. It helps create awareness of a product, relay vital information to end users, garner eyeballs and help it sell. Content is as important to a product as the product itself. Content offers a cost advantage as well. When compared to other outbound or traditional marketing methods, content marketing costs almost 62% less, but generates almost three times more leads than regular or paid marketing channels. It also has six times more conversion leads than any other method available to marketers. 

Content marketing is a significant part of this digital bouquet. As digital advertising tools are replacing traditional advertising. In order to improve branding and increase revenue, an increasing number of companies are leaning towards digital, and especially content, marketing. Companies that use content to market their solutions and services have seen significant growth in revenues. As opposed to companies that are yet to leverage this tool as a selling point.

Why Do SaaS Companies Need Content Marketing Strategies?

Content marketing is one of the most powerful tools that SaaS companies can adopt in order to inform, attract, and convert customers to use their products. If done the right way , content is the only collateral you will ever need to market your company’s services and solutions. This approach can help you achieve your marketing goals and maximize RoI. 

Why Content Marketing Works?

Content helps the customer get an elaborate and lucid understanding of the services or solutions that a SaaS company is selling. It can become thus their most effective marketing strategy.

Content can help explain to a reader exactly how a SaaS solution can solve their problems. It also helps them understand how to use the solution. In today’s knowledge-driven world, it is essential to equip your customers with the right information, in order to generate interest in your company. This is possible by using content effectively. 

Here are five strategies that you can use to attract customers to your SaaS company. 

1. Create content to map every step of the buyer’s journey 

The main intent of your SaaS content marketing strategy is to provide customers with information, every step of the way. Discuss, dissect and explain every issue, and answer every question that could pop up in the customer’s mind regarding your product, solution, or service. This is critical in order to ensure that your customer understand your product inside-out and do not go looking for information at the wrong places.

Ensure you don’t skip any step at any stage of the buyer journey. Many companies make the mistake of using content merely as a tool for attracting inbound traffic and do not focus on the quality of the information they put out. Instead, companies must use content as a way to help customers experience their company. Content should be used to explain every step of a product’s lifecycle.

2. Develop customer-focused content 

Your content must have a two-layered approach: focus on the problems an end-user may face and explain how your solution can help solve those problems. This will go a long way in convincing a customer to buy your SaaS product. Be it written or visual, the content must tackle and explain a problem step-wise, so that the customers can identify with the problems and also understand how your product can solve them. Before creating content, keep these four sub-heads in mind:

A. Who is your target audience

B. What are the main concerns or problems

C. How does your solution solve these problems

D. How does a customer buy your product or call to action

You have to be sure about who your target audience is and what their buying power is. If you are targeting a senior ‘C’ level executive, remember that they control the purse strings. Hence, your content has to convince them to come to you.

If you are targeting mid-level professionals, like a technology chief or someone who has the power to influence his bosses’ purchase decisions. Then the content has to attune to providing them with all the relevant product details. 

3. Have goals with each content 

Every SaaS marketing content you write must have measurable goals. When your content addresses different problems, ensure that its end goals can be measured, in order to track the performance and success of each piece. 

If your content is dated, refurbish it with newer inputs like add-on features and benefits. If the technology has upgraded, remove the content from your website in order to ensure there’s no confusion with myriad content collaterals about the same product. 

4. Reuse or repurpose your content 

There are several benefits of SaaS content marketing. For starters, it can be reused or repurposed on social media, press conferences, international/national events, e-books, webinars, podcasts and videos, or even in email marketing to onboard customers. Second, parts of the content can be refurbished and incorporated in newer content pieces. This does not mean you that shouldn’t be writing new content and adding to your content portfolio. But if there is an overlap about some problem or solution, then you can go back and use the older version. One important benefit of content is it can be used to pull customers to any other service or technology that your company offers. 

5. Market your content right 

Creating content is easy but marketing it is difficult. In order to be considered and highlighted by a search engine’s algorithms, you must have the right keywords in place. Post content regularly so that your website ranks high and appears everytime one searches for the relevant keywords. Post videos on Youtube, write answers on Quora, have a page on Reddit and add pictures on Instagram so that you can market your SaaS content at every possible place people go to.


Content marketing has become an integral part of every business today. Especially for companies in the SaaS domain, where content marketing has become the new gold standard. The one sure-shot way you can take your business to the next level is by sharing strategic content, like educative and informative blogs and articles. 

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