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6 Reasons Why Your SaaS Company Must Focus on Content Marketing

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SaaS company products with its greater flexibility, control over cost and ease of use finds its place in the technology stack for many companies. In fact, Google and VC firm Accel, have projected that India is likely to become a $10 billion revenue industry with 8 % (from current 2.6 %) share of the global SaaS by 2025. While that’s a reassuring figure for the industry itself however for SaaS players being on top of the mind of their customers is critical for their subscription-based business model.

Flexibility and control of cost also opens up intense competition when it comes for customers to renew their subscriptions month on month. This is where content marketing plays a critical role in SaaS to enable the full funnel marketing (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU). Here are six reasons why your SaaS company must focus on content marketing:

1. Builds trust and brand awareness

The more content you publish, better it is for your company because then your readers consider you as an authority in your field. They would rather want to deal with an expert like you than talk to someone who has been in the field but has not exhibited any point of view or showcased their leadership with the domain knowledge. 

You also need to remember that content marketing helps you build a brand in the clutter that’s the SaaS market today. When you put out content that is consistent and regular, it will help you get traffic and inbound links. This, in turn, will help you generate awareness for your brand and leads for your business. 

2. Content is good for SEO

If you want your company to appear in search results, then you need to create regular content with the right keywords. When you publish expert content, SEO principals consider that useful content and will show it to the people searching for SaaS content and it will also rank higher in search results.

Do remember that search engine algorithms keep changing for better, but so long as you keep publishing content that is current, informative, and relevant to the topic/subject, search engines will keep showing them. 

3. Content generates leads for your business  

Any content, for that matter, anything that tells a story is a potential lead generator for your business. Great content will always help you retain existing customers and onboard new ones and this becomes relevant in the subscription model of SaaS business. Content marketing helps people to get an understanding of what your company does and how good you are in your field.

In order to generate interest in your business, you should understand the funnel that you are targeting top/middle or bottom of the funnel (TOFU, MOFU, BOFU) and have a mix of blogs/articles, videos, infographics, press releases, e-book, case study, customer testimonials, company leadership profiles, employee profiles, and other content to keep your marketing mix lively and interactive.

This will, in turn, attract loyal customers who will not think twice about going anywhere else because they know you are good at your work. 

4. Well researched is business half done

In SaaS business it is important to know the customer persona and the type of content that would appeal to that TG. You know your company and your business very well and all you need to do is to research what your customers want to read. Use search engines or other tools to research for the right topics for your content and start working on the content. 

It is wrong to assume that if you are the CEO or founder of the company, you know what kind of content must go out to the readers. While it’s true that if you are in the leadership position, you know the industry, but when it comes to content, better to go with research that’s backed with data because that’s where you will find the right topics your readers have already shown interest in.Take a look at organic search results and search volumes before finalizing on your content marketing strategy. This will give you a complete history of what people are searching for and what they want to read. 

5. Think from the buyer’s perspective

Once you have a list of content ideas, you cannot start working straight away. You need to spend some time to develop a content strategy and content metrics for getting most for your SaaS company. Think from a buyer’s perspective right from the start and structure your content around your target as these will help you bring traffic and demand generation. 

Your buyer is most likely a visitor with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and your language, keywords, or even jargon should be something they understand. If your content has only basic-level keywords, you might see traffic but then you will have difficulty retaining those customers. If you use the keywords that target the buyers, your conversion rates will be higher. 

6. Give people a reason to come back to your website 

When you write content that people can relate to, you are giving them a reason to come back to you because they trust you. The returning visitors build long lasting relationships with you. This is important in the SaaS business where loyalty and thought leadership will help in maintaining the Monthly Recurring Revenue with subscription renewals.

Take, for example,, they have solutions for inbound marketing, sales and customer service, however, their blogs are relevant for any practitioner or learner of marketing which makes them come back to the site again and again and also give a try to Hubspot’s offering and become its long term customers.


The list of reasons why your SaaS company must focus on content marketing goes on and on. The main reason should be to build brand, authority and leadership in order to convert visitors into buyers and retain the existing customers. 

You will always have tactics to produce quick traffic and leads but those can only go a little far. If you need customers to stay for the long haul, then have the main focus on content that produce results.