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5 Best Content Writing Trends In 2022

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Content writing trends is one of the major factors that impacts the success of a company. With increased competition, content writers are under tremendous pressure to come up with unique and creative content.

The word ‘content’ has evolved over the years from being just text, to images, to videos. However, in 2022 it is likely that augmented reality will become an important part of content marketing as well.

Content writing is quickly becoming an essential skill in order to be successful in the digital marketing industry. The need for high-quality content is very evident with trends such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. Here are some of the content writing trends in 2022.

Diversified content will become more popular

In the near future, content marketing will be more diverse.

More and more industries are starting to realize that by diversifying their content they can get a better handle on the information their audience wants to hear about. Content diversification is key to meeting the needs of various consumer groups. 

Content that is diversified helps marketers reach more people, with different needs and interests. It will have a positive effect on customer segmentation and acquisition strategies by providing better content for different target audiences.

AI writing assistants is the future

AI assistants are getting popular in the workplace not just because they generate content for specific topics, but because they allow copywriters to focus on their creativity and emotions. Most people would agree that AI assistants can improve efficiency and make it easier for those without strong content writing skills to produce quality work.

Quality content may help your brand find its voice

A brand voice must be augmented by quality content. It is necessary to think about the mission, vision and core values that help define you as a brand.  What is the mood you would like to set and what is the emotion you want the customer to experience?.

When you have quality content that  is centred around these points, your brand has found its voice! You can now tell a story about the brand and how it’s different from other brands, all thanks to your approach and the content. 

Video content is one of the best content writing trends

Video content is useful because it captures the viewers’ attention and they engage with it more than plain text.

Research suggests that video content generates up to six times more shares and likes on Facebook and Instagram. There are many reasons why video content writing is important for business:

1) It can be used to provide different angles on a product

2) It can be used to show people how a product works

3) It can be used to show demonstrations or tutorials on how they should use a product.

Long-form content is prioritised

Do you know that Google gives more importance to long-form content than short-form content? The beauty of long-form content is that it can communicate more information than a standard blog post. In addition, it offers a better experience to the user. 

Long-form content is a method of writing content that’s longer than the traditional short form content. Long-form content is more intricate and gives the reader the ability to dive deeper into the content. The trick is to not overwhelm the reader with too much information. It’s not about the volume of the content but the quality of the content.


Content writing is a crucial part of any successful company’s marketing strategy. The quality of your content defines the success of your marketing campaign and your reputation as a brand. That’s why so many companies are investing in professional writers to help them create engaging content that is designed to convert.