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4 Reasons Why Content is the Only Certainty Among Uncertainties

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Did you increase your content marketing budget this year? If yes, then as a marketer or founder, you’re headed the right way. Content is much more relevant in today’s new world, that’s comfortable with Working from Anywhere, where purchase decisions are sealed in virtual meetings, and influencing buyers has moved online in a big way.


While content has had its share of the spotlight in the past, it is during the pandemic that content marketing has gained prominence and shining bright as a preferred marketing tool. Content can capture the fencing sitting customers who had never signed up. It’s become the go-to tool to capture those fence-sitting customers who never signed up.

Share use cases and case studies that are data intensified for hitting the bullseye. One question that may crop up is that why would your TG read your content now and take action when in the past you had to schedule several meetings for getting the same prospect on your side with no conversion?

Well, marketing has been largely digitally-driven in the last year and decision-makers are warming up to new ways of doing business. So, it’s time to give more attention to content. A good read is always welcome in comparison to long and boring virtual calls.

2021 will be the year content shifts from a marketing novelty item to a true business line



Work from Anywhere is here to stay. You could call it a 360-degree behavioral shift. We definitely spend less time commuting and probably enjoy greater control over our day’s agenda. This translates into more time spent in front of the screen, and more opportunities to savor good content.  No wonder, OTT platforms are having a field year.

Today, the hybrid model of work is being adopted by many organizations as it provides a solution to the problem of increased workloads and reduced budgets. This is because it allows employers to maximize the productivity of their employees by providing them with an opportunity to work from home or remotely on specific tasks.

Reports have suggested that internet consumption has gone up during the pandemic which correlates to higher content consumption. This is both for entertainment as well as for matters related to one’s profession. Podcasts are a good medium to engage with your TG.

Content marketing is here to stay


As Work from Anywhere becomes a norm, physical interactions with co-workers dip and stimulating water cooler conversations turn into a memory of the past,  a new itch has surfaced –  marketers are scouting for tools that will make businesses efficient and increase workforce productivity and communication. Research and knowledge-heavy content is emerging as this new, handy tool of choice.

Irrespective of the situation, thirst for knowledge and learning new things to stay ahead of the curve is important for professionals and organizations. There is a lot of emphasis on enrolling for that virtual class that one couldn’t manage earlier or reading the report that would land in your mailbox. Even organizations are coming up with plans to focus on virtual methods for knowledge enhancement and sharing for their employees.

Adaptability and flexibility have been central to content

10 Current Trends in Content Marketing. (Neilpatel)


The pandemic made one thing clear – businesses have to continue running, albeit with changes. If offline events were once a great source to create customer pipelines, the new, eyeball-catching alternatives are online platforms including webinars and virtual events. Content from such events fetches premium traction in the digital space. In today’s new normal, innovative content to influence buying decisions has created a space.

It’s Time You Leveraged (we have decided to let this word RIP) Got Content Marketing to Work For Your Business.