Stand Out in a Crowded Content Marketing Space

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Stand Out in a Crowded Content Marketing Space

A saturated market can be very challenging. And day after day, brands are putting a lot of effort into B2B content marketing across channels, in the hope that the customer would respond. Today 87% of retailers believe omnichannel is the future, yet only 8% have mastered it. When everyone is putting a lot of effort into B2B content marketing, how do you stand out? Let us look at some of the ways to accomplish this.

Define your brand

With a number of brands offering the exact same products and services, how do you stand out from the competition in B2B tech content marketing? You need to communicate how you as a brand can solve customer problems, provide the best solution, and reduce turnaround times as you do it. To present your brand in this manner, you must have a strong brand story and prepare content woven around it.

To write your brand story and content around it, you must answer the following questions:

  1. What inspired you to start your brand?
  2. What are your brand’s values?
  3. What customer problems can you solve with your brand?
  4. What would one feel about your brand (if seen as a person)?

Pick the right channels

To improve the performance of your content, you must position it on the right channels at the right time. With several different channels available to publish your content online, this is not an easy decision. Your choice of channel must be decided by the kind of content that is popular on the channel, what time do customers generally access the content, and who they are and what they do.

You must also look at your competitors. Where is their content being published? If it is being published on the same channels as yours, then what are they doing differently with their content that is gaining more impressions?

Look at non-competitors also and try to learn from them. There might be some insights you can glean from their content strategy for a particular channel. It could work for your industry and your specific product or service as well.

After quite a bit of trial and error resulting from hours and hours of research you can arrive at a B2B SaaS content marketing strategy that works for those channels.

Educate your audience first

At the end of the day, the primary objective of B2B content marketing is to bring in sales, but it is equally important to let the audience know why they should opt for your product or service. In the process of educating your audience, you must not only focus on what sets you apart but also how best to use your product or service. Make this as detailed as possible so you could touch upon whatever needs the customer may have, even if they are not communicated to you. When you are educating your audience, consider the following factors:

  1. What is the industry that the customer belongs to?
  2. How long have you known the customer?
  3. How familiar is the customer with what you are about to say?
  4. How much time and resources must you dedicate to educate the customer?
Closing words

Though all three of the above steps would help you come up with a great B2B content marketing strategy, how do you ensure that you are able to derive the best benefits from content marketing if you are just starting out? You can do this by connecting with someone who has been in the content marketing space for a while. Yes, you guessed right, a B2B content marketing agency. Talk to Koda to get your B2B tech content marketing in place. We are waiting to hear from you.